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 Short Path Distillation  

Batch Distillation System

Working Princple

Short-path distillation is a distillation technique that involves the distillate travelling a short distance, often only a few centimeters, and is normally done at reduced pressure. For the experienced plant oil producer, short path distillation equipment offers a shortcut to added purity. All systems are turnkey systems and can be up and running on the same day as delivery.

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Cold Water In

Cold Water Out





Calpha 2 liter short path distillation turnkey setup includes all necessary components to perform distillation easily, the systems includes reliable glassware and equipment under really attractive price.

2L Short Path Turnkey Distillation System


Technical Specs & Features  

Technical Specifications:


Boiling Flask

Heating Temp

Feed rate

Working Pressure



Around 5 Pa


Up to 300C


Standard Features:
• Heavy wall glassware for durability
• Downward material drain port
• Vacuum jacketed distillation head with Vigreux stages
• Boiling flask to distillation port: 24/40 joint

• Thermo port on boiling flask: 24/40 joint
• Thermowell on distillation head: 14/20 joints

• Recirculating fluid and vacuum connectors:  3/8" hose barb
• Cold trap protects the vacuum pump from contamination and damage of vapors

No Gas Leakage

Thermowell design instead of traditional screw adapter, ensuring no gas leakage


Continuous Discharging

Discharge valve instead of traditional 1-to-1 and 1-to-3  flask, which helps change the flask during operation and realize continuous discharge

Distillation Cow.jpg

Better Vacuum Environment

 Using KF25 flange and flexible stainless steel vacuum bellow for better vacuum environment

Cold Trap.jpg

Standard Package 

2L heating mantle.jpg

1  Set

2L Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle

Heating Power : 650W

Temp. Range: RT~380℃

Rotate Speed: 50-1800 RPM

cold trap.jpg

1 Set

Glass Cold Trap with 500mL Receiving Flask

Distillation Cow Receiver_with_PTFE_Valv

1 PC

Distillation Cow Receiver with PTFE Valve & Viton Gasket, 24-40 Joint

Glass Thermowell for 2L-5L Distillation

1 PC

Glass Thermowell for 2L Distillation Heads, 14-20 Joint


4 Meters

1-2“ Fiberglass Heat Insulating Rope

Cork Ring Stand.jpg

1 PC

Cork Ring Stand

KF25 to 24-40 Adapter with O-ring, PTFE.

1 PC

KF25 to 24-40 Adapter with O-ring, PTFE

Stainless Steel Keck Clamp, 24-40 Joint-


Stainless Steel Keck Clamp, 24-40 Joint

Silicone Tubing, 8mm I.D & 14mm O.D, Met

5 Meters

Silicone Tubing, 8mm I.D & 14mm O.D


1 Set

Desktop Precise heater/chiller

Heating Power: 800W

Max. Cooling Capacity: 300W

Reservoir: 6L

Temp. Range: -5~95℃

2L_2-neck_Boiling Flask,

1 PC

2L 2-neck Boiling Flask, 24/40 Joints

500mL 1-neck Receiving Flask, 24-40 Join


500mL 1-neck Receiving Flask, 24/40 Joint

Glass_Thermowell_for_2L_Boiling_Flask, 2

1 PC

Glass Thermowell for 2L Boiling Flask, 24-40 Joint

Anodized_Aluminum_Lab Jack, 10x10cm.jpg

1 PC

Anodized Aluminum Lab Jack, 10x10cm


4 Sets

KF25 Quick Clamp and Centering Ring

Stainless Steel 3-Way T Connector, KF25-

1 PC

Stainless Steel 3-Way T Connector, KF25-2 & KF16-1

Vacuum Grease.jpg

1 PC

Vacuum Grease

Digital Vacuum Gauge.jpg

1 PC

Digital Vacuum Gauge


1 Set

Rotary Vane Oil Pump

Power: 370W

Pumping Speed:5 CFM (2L/s)

Rotary Speed:1400 RPM

2L_Vacuum Jacketed_Short Path Distillati

1 PC

2L Vacuum Jacketed Short Path Distillation Head, 24-40


Glass Funnel_with_4 inch_opening, 24-40_

1 PC

Glass Funnel with 4 inch opening, 24-40 Joint

Glass Thermometer, 0-300C_副本.jpg

1 PC

Glass Thermometer, 0-300C

3-prong Clamp.jpg

1 PC

3-prong Clamp


1 Set

KF16 Quick Clamp and Centering Ring

Stainless Steel High Vacuum Ball Valve,

1 PC

Stainless Steel High Vacuum Ball Valve, KF25

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bellow, KF25, 1.5

1 PC

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bellow, KF25, 1.5 Meters


We ship all glassware products with additional care, but sometimes they arrive broken. If glassware arrives broken, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your product and we will either send you a brand new piece or send you a refund!

Glassware does not have warranties. Glassware may have minute blemishes that will not affect the function. If you believe there are imperfections on your glassware,

please contact us. We check all our inventory and make sure no defective glassware is sent to our customers.

Thank you for understanding!


Thanks! Message sent.

Calpha Industries


22732 Granite Way, Suite A  

Laguna Hills, CA 92653   \\  Tel: 240-345-1538



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