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Privacy at Calpha Industries

We are dedicated to developing relationships with our customers. We understand and value privacy and we will take all necessary measures to safeguard any and all personally-identifiable information you entrust to us.

Privacy Policy

Unless you decide to share you information with us, we will not collect any personally-identifiable information. Any information that you entrust to us, for the purposes of additional information or requests for contact from our staff, is voluntarily provided to Calpha Industries in order for us to better serve you and address your needs. We will not use this information other than to solely respond to your particular inquiry.


Our website automatically logs visitor IP addresses, ISP providers in addition to any information that you provide to us. It is our policy not to share or sell any of this data to any third party. Any data that we collect will be for the purpose of stream lining the customer experience or responding to your inquiries.

Disclosure and Consent

Calpha Industries will not willfully share any data collected from our website visitors or customers unless legally required to by a legal statute, regulatory authority, and state or federal law enforcement agency. This will only occur when we receive a court order or subpoena that legally requires us to release this information.


If this does occur, we will make every reasonable effort to notify our visitors or customers as soon as possible. The exception to this would be if we are legally prohibited from notifying our customers.


Calpha Industries will occasionally send administrative emails to inform our customers of significant developments. We respect that the customer has the right to not receive these emails and will respect every request to opt out.


Calpha Industries reserves the right to make modifications to our privacy statement to reflect new services, capabilities or better serve our customers. Any changes to the privacy statement will be published on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the data the we collect, how we use this data or our privacy statement, please contact

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IRVINE , CA 92606

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